"We love your show! We have become 'binge watchers' with the DVR recording them all. We even showed episodes at my daughter's birthday party so everyone could start watching it!"

- Patty Metz

"LOVE YOUR TV SHOW - so much good and useful info!!! It;s fun to watch, and very funny when the three of you talk and joke. Thank you for brightening my day and enlightening me!"

- Donna Onorati

"This is one of the best programs on TV. I love it. It's very well done and entertaining, as well as informative."

- Donna Martonfi

"IFYL is a GREAT show - all 3 of you are hysterical. While the Big Bang Theory may be the number one comedy show, my wife and I actually laugh harder and more often during your show. What we enjoy most is that having you guys on is live having a wonderful, fun couple over for dinner."

- Bob Buono