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Videos from John

Why You Look Like Your Dog

Get the latest intel on why so many dogs bear a striking resemblance to their owners.

What Dogs Do in Their Sleep

You've seen your dog twitching in his sleep. Is he dreaming? The latest research shows that dogs do dream, and some breeds also have sleep disorders.

How to Use Vanilla to De-Stress

John reveals that a secret compound in vanilla is scientifically proven to calm you stress and lower anxiety.

Top 3 Superfoods

What do black beans, walnuts and oatmeal have in common? John Tesh explains their benefits.

Cats Love Beethoven Too

New study reveals cats who listen to classical music may be less stressed -- just like their owners. Find out what hard rock does to a feline's temper.

Good Neighbors Scoop Their Dogs' Poop

Get the inside scoop on 2 types of dog owners, and what communities are doing about those who don't clean up their pet's poop.

How Pets Make Us Better People

Top psychologist explains why owning a pet can actually improve your character, leadership skills and human relationships.

Dogs Help Grow Your Social Circle

Having a dog can boost your social life, affect your brain chemistry and add to the thickness of your wallet.

Secrets of Dog Intelligence Revealed

We always felt it was true, but now science explains how smart dogs are, and how they sense when their owners need help.

Some Reasons For Amusing Cat Behaviors

Find out how cats' natural curiosity (affects and causes) a fascinating variety of amusing cat behaviors and poses.

The Secret to Success in One Word

Find out which 3-letter word offers the most powerful sign that you're a go-getter, and won't stop until you've mastered a skill or job assignment.

Mushrooms and Vitamin D

Learn why exposing mushrooms to sunlight can actually enhance their nutritional value.

Does Your Diet Make You Stink?

Find out which foods get into your sweat - and are released continuously for up to 2 days. And how does eating red meat affect your odor?

Tips For Having Better First Dates

John Tesh offers tips from relationship experts on how to ensure your first date becomes a second ... and a third.

How What You Wear to Work Affects Your Career

Find out what styles are best and worst to wear to the office, and the best colors to wear to an interview.

The Brain Benefits of Doodling

A new study demonstrates the ways that repetitive doodling reduces daydreaming during boring meetings, and boosts your ability to remember facts.

3 Ways to Find Out If He's Really 'The One'

Great advice on how to find out if a new date has any long-term potential. First, go on a car trip with them, then play a competitive game or run a race.

What Your Dog Reveals About You

The breed of dog you choose to adopt can reveal quite a lot about your own personality. What does your dog reveal about you?

Why Dogs are Good Investments

A canine companion is quite a yearly expense, but the emotional, physical and even financial benefits are worth the investment.

Germs May Be Stuck on Your Kitchen Towels

Could your kitchen towels be the leading cause of cross-contamination in your kitchen?

Online Meanness Leads to 'Twitter Rage'

New social media research reveals that people are meaner online than in person. Find out why and how.

How to De-Stress by Dancing

Find out some surprising dance class benefits, and why those benefits keep you de-stressed for months afterward.

Read To Put Yourself To Sleep

Reading helps the brain relax. John Tesh explains how picking up a book can help put you to sleep.

Why Mornings are Keys to a Happy Relationship

Could your morning rituals predict and promote the success of your relationship? John Tesh reveals what the research says.

How Checking For Texts Stresses Us Out

Constantly switching from one task to another, to check for email and texts, causes a huge rise in stress levels.

Why Texting is Addictive

Science explains why we can't resist sending or reading a new text, and why it's actually addictive.

Ice Cream Sundaes Are Good

John surely loves his ice cream and it turns out, ice cream is proven to have a good amount of protein, calcium, and minerals!

Dealing With People Who Abuse the Carry-on Limit

A new travel trend is "carry-on shaming" where people snap photos of people who try to stuff oversized carry-ons onto overhead storage bins.

Dog Poop Causes Water Pollution

Find out how dog feces are spreading disease, and what some communities are doing about the messes dog owners are leaving around town.

Surprising Daily Activities That Burn Extra Calories

Believe it or not, there are things you can do outside of the gym to get exercise. Watch the video to find out what kind of every day things you can be doing to burn extra calories!

Why 'Paleo Fitness' is the Latest Workout Trend

The "paleo diet" may be all the rage among people who think we should eat like cavemen, but "paleo fitness" is the latest fitness trend. Find out what it means to work out like a caveman.

What Women Want In A House

Since women have a say in more than 9 out of 10 home purchases, it's good to know what features they most want in a home.

Listening To Cell Phone In The Car Is Distracting

While driving, you may be more distracted by hearing your passenger's half of a phone conversation than you would be if you were talking on the phone yourself. John Tesh explains how.

Annoying Facbook Couples

You may think that gushing about your amazing romantic partner on social media makes people smile, but think again.

3 Questions to Ask a Potential Partner

John Tesh reveals 3 key questions to ask a potential mate about their goals and priorities -- before the relationship becomes too serious.

How to Transform Your Relationship in 90 Seconds

Experts reveal how taking 90 seconds to really connect with your mate, 3 times a day, can give you a more satisfying relationship.

Improving Your Memory by Telling Stories

Find out how kids learn and remember more when adults tell them stories and talk to them about plot and details.

How Hugging Benefits Your Body, Brain and Moods

New studies reveal new reasons that people love to hug. John explains how hugging releases a feel-good hormones, and that even hugging a teddy bear can boost our moods.

Signs Your Partner Is Cheating

Experts reveal the biggest indicators that your partner is cheating on you. And how to spot some surprising signs he's lying about an affair.

Sleep Texting

Studies explore what causes people to read and send texts when they're not fully awake.

Germs In The Kitchen

The germiest things in your kitchen may shock you, including the handle on your refrigerator! Find out how to disinfect your kitchen.

How Dogs Make Us Love Life More

The latest research explains how owning a dog enhances our social lives and boosts our happiness hormones.

Three Guys Women Hate

Maybe hate is too strong a word, but here are the 3 types of men you should never try to live with. It won't work!

Would You Risk Your Life to Save Your Cell Phone?

A new survey reveals the wide variety of crazy, even dangerous, things people are willing to do to save their cell phones.

Using Emoticons Can Make Your Boss Happy, Sometimes

John Tesh explains why expressing positive emotions are acceptable, and even welcome, in most business emails to your boss. But not always.

How to Tell if Your Home Smells Funky

Use this one expert tip to help you discover how your home smells to folks who don't live there, without asking them directly.

4 Signs You're Dating an Abuser

Can you see past love at first sight to identify signs that someone is likely to become abusive toward you? John Tesh reveals the major signs.

Getting Psyched Up For a Better Workout

John explains two science-based secrets to help get you pumped up to work out. And find out what to listen to on the way to the gym so you'll be primed for exercise.

Signs Your House is Bumming You Out

Green plants and better lighting can help your house go from bummer to beautiful. Get these tips and more in this IFYL video.

Selling Your House On A Friday

New statistics show why homes listed on Fridays are selling for more than other homes.

Why Your Dog Loves Your Smell

New research shows how your dog responds to your smell and why your scent lights up his brain's reward center.

Puppy Mills are Dangerous

Many dogs purchased online come from illegal puppy mills, and die within 6 months. That's because conditions in these mills often have terrible impacts on the puppies' physical and mental health.

Reasons to Toss That Shock Collar

New research reveals the damage that electronic shock collars can do to your dog's personality, and expert tips for better training methods.

What to Discuss Before Adopting a Dog

Should dogs live outside or in; do they sleep on your bed; can they beg for food? Discuss these topics and more with your partner before you adopt a dog.

The Secret to Getting a Good Salary

The key to negotiating a good salary following a job offer is simple: Be the first to mention a number. John Tesh explains why and how it works.

Hot New Trend: Pet-Friendly Homes and Yards

Experts offer some interesting tips for remodeling your home to make it safer and more fun for pets, including concrete floors.

Signs Your Pet Needs a Veterinarian

Pets don't show pain the way humans do. Here are some subtle signs that your pet could be sick or injured.

An Easy Way to Get Better Info From Experts

Whether you're asking for information from a doctor, teacher, pharmacist or contractor, there's one very effective way to ensure they offer up more detailed info.

Why Cutting Up Food is Good For Your Waistline

John Tesh talks about how our brains fool us into eating more when we see larger portions.

When To Call Not Text

Psychology researcher says we should always call, not text, certain important people in our lives.

How Sticky Notes Can Boost Moods and Change Behaviors

Writing things down on Post-It notes can help us make positive changes in our lives and attitudes, as well as helping us remember appointments.

Constant Text Checks Raise Stress

Constantly switching from one task to another, to check for email and texts, causes a huge rise in stress levels.

Some Surprising Benefits of Caffeine

Caffeine offers both short-term and long-term benefits. Find out what they are, and how much caffeine you'll need to consume to get the benefits.

Signs You're Dealing With Tight Pants Syndrome

Skinny jeans might look great, but they can cause some serious damage to the nerves in your legs. John Tesh explains how it happens.

Can't Resist Texting

Science explains why we can't resist sending or reading a new text, and why it's actually addictive.

Why More Toilets Add More Value

If you're wondering what to remodel or add on before selling your home, watch this video to discover what to do to your bathrooms.

The Secrets of Successful People

The daily habits of successful people include getting up early and eating healthful foods. Find out more about "success habits" in this video.

What Overweight Kids Learn From Each Other

A new study reveals that obesity runs in families. That's because siblings tend to "follow the leader" as they're learning what and how much to eat.

Health Tips for Your Vacation

From altitude sickness to germy beaches, vacations are fraught with dangers to your health. Watch this video for tips to stay safe.

City Kids vs. Country Kids

John Tesh reveals the latest intel on how children raised in a city are likely to be thinner, healthier and slightly less likely to use drugs than their country cousins.

Beware of These Spending Triggers

Financial experts have identified spending triggers that make us spend more on frivolous purchases, including being hungry, having small bills in our wallets and more.

How to Send Business Emails That Get Noticed

John Tesh explains what time of day you should never send the boss an email, and what's the best time to get your message noticed.

The Power of a Gratitude Journal

Researchers find a little dose of gratitude at the end of each day reduces even the worst work-related stress. So write down what you're grateful for and watch the stress disappear.

How Tech Time Affects Our Emotions and Our Diets

How many times a day do you check your cell phone for social media messages? You'll be surprised at the effect this has on our relationships, our moods and our weight!

Why It's Good to Know Your Neighbors

Good relationships with our neighbors are rare these days. John Tesh talks about the latest research into what makes a good neighborhood.

How Friends at Work Can Keep You Content and Employed

The latest workplace intel says having friends at work can improve our mental and physical health. John Tesh tells you how it works.

Stress Tip: Sing While You Drive

Neuropsycholgy can now explain the effects that singing during a stressful commute has on your body, brain and mood.

The Best and Worst of Sounds

Hearing traffic noise, or the sound of a vacuum is stressful, but not as bad as total silence. Find out what the best sounds are.

Top Complaints About Photos You Share on Facebook

Before you upload another photo of your honey, your vacation, your family or food, get the latest intel on what your "friends" really think about them.

Signs Your Child is Being Bullied

John Tesh reveals the top signs that your child is being picked on by a bully, including coming home from school hungry or in urgent need of a bathroom.

The Dangers of Posting Your Kids' Photos Online

A new survey shows 92% of kids have an online presence by age 2 -- and why all these photos may put your child in danger.

Why Strong Couples Break Up After Infidelity

New research reveals why deeply committed, trusting couples are more likely to break up when one of them cheats. Find out why.

Look Better in Pictures

Find out a couple of surprising things you can do to make your face and body look better in photos.

What People Lie About Most in Online Dating Profiles

Four out of 5 people seeking dates online tend to fudge the facts on 3 basic statistics. Find out what they are!

Benefits of Stay-at-Home Moms Revealed

A new survey reports that kids of stay-at-home moms are healthier, smarter, better-behaved and less likely to be fat.

2 Tips For Eliminating Hidden Money Wasters

The average person fritters away about $1,400 a year in impulse purchases. Find out how to save thousands by identifying money wasters that are draining your bank account.

Get Up and Move to Adjust Your Mood

Feeling grumpy at work? Sit up! Find out why your posture and movements have such powerful effects on your moods.

Is an Adult Ed Class in Your Future?

Today's parents are going back to school for classes in one "common core" subject -- because they can't help their kids do this type of homework.

Advantages of Eating Out With Co-Workers

The latest workplace intel says taking your lunch to work every day saves a lot of money, but going out for lunch has surprising advantages as well.

Your Brain On Fish

John explains the new research that proves eating more fish may actually sharpen your mental skills.

Simple Tricks to 'Own the Room'

Find out the body language secrets used by law enforcement agents to gain trust and appear friendly and confident. John Tesh reveals some "power moves" to use at your next meeting.

Signs You're Listening to the Right Music

John reports the latest science on choosing just the right music for whatever you're doing now.

Eggs Help Brains Stay Young

Find out the secret ingredient in eggs that help keep our brains working better and longer.

Hey Women! Stop Apologizing at Work

Researchers say women apologize too much and say too little at work -- and why it's holding them back.

Why You Need an 'Inside Referral' to Get a Job

John Tesh reveals the latest scoop on getting those inside referrals that can help you get that job you really want.

Fidgeting For Weight Loss

Every small, fidgeting movement we do throughout our day can make a huge difference in our weight loss journey. Find out how the small things you can do throughout the day will turn into pounds you've lost!

Room-Temperature Relationship Intel

Surprising reasons why men and women can't agree on where to set their thermostat. It makes a difference!

How Heartbreak Causes Real Physical Pain

After breaking up with your partner, you might want to take some aspirin. John explains why it works.

Germ Pop Quiz

Experts reveal ways to cut your risk of food poisoning from cross-contamination in your home.


Videos from Connie

Ways to Include Exotic Animals in Your Wedding

Today's weddings are for the birds - and burros and butterflies. Including exotic animals in your special ceremony is a sure-fire way to guarantee an unforgettable day.

Get Fit with Your Pet

Learn some animal secrets from the people who know pets best, their veterinarians. Learn the dangers of dog parks and why overweight pets have overweight owners.

How Your Dog Tells You a Storm is Coming

When the weather's about to change, dogs may flatten their ears, pace back and forth and exhibit other anxious behaviors.

New Trend: Sonograms at the Gym

New research shows a growing number of gyms and personal trainers are using sonograms to reveal body fat.

Bond With Your Dog by Locking Eyes

There's nothing like the bond between a human and their dog. Find out why eye contact plays a huge role in creating that bond.

The Dangers of Giving Your Dog Pot

Marijuana users may think it's funny to get their dogs high, but the "joke" comes with serious health risks for your pet, including seizures and death, veterinarians report.

Reasons to Shower Without Thinking

Connie explains how to calm down and lose your stress by showering alone!

How Antioxidants in Green Tea Reduce Your Arthritis Risk

Scientific evidence proves that enjoying a cup of tea, or 3 or 4, every day can reduce your risk of rheumatoid arthritis.

Reasons to Turn Off Your Phone's Text Alert

New research discovers how text alerts are messing with our brainpower to make us less productive.

Why Divorced Men Make Good Husbands

New relationship intel reveals that divorced men usually make terrific partners. Find out why they're often better the second time around.

Which Dogs are Abandoned Most Often?

New research reveals the different breeds of dogs that are most likely to be abandoned by their owners, and what they have in common.

How Eye Contact Helps Us Bond With Our Dogs

Locking eyes with your dog gives you surge of "bonding hormone," and the longer we gaze into their eyes the more hormone is released.

The Benefits of 30-Minute Naps

New research reveals the reasons a 30-minute nap can have positive effects on your health and stress levels.

Don't Hit The Mall When You're Hungry

Find out why shopping when you're hungry makes you buy more of everything, not just groceries.

Tips on Passing Some Surprising New Hiring Tests

Connie talks about some unusual and surprising tests you may need to pass during a job interview these days.

Why So Many Successful Marriages Start Online

A new study shows couples who meet on the Internet have happier, longer-lasting relationships than those who meet face-to-face.

Boost Your Income With a Second Language

Employers are now paying a premium for multi-lingual employees, so learning another language can really boost your income potential. Connie explains which languages are in most demand.

Talk To Your Baby Bump

Find out what the latest research says about talking and singing to your unborn child, and how mom's voice affects baby's brain.

The Science Behind Breakup Pain

Get the scientific explanations about why we're so miserable after a breakup, both physically and emotionally.

The Germiest Things in Your Home

A top microbiologist explains why your toilet seat may be the cleanest spot in your home.

How Garlic Helps Your Skin Stay Younger-Looking

New research explains the science behind how eating garlic every day keeps your skin looking younger longer.

Overspending Prevention

Connie explains what the latest consumer research says about why, when and where we overspend.

Guess What Might Be Hiding In That Beard?

Connie explains why men's beards can be crawling with germs, and what to do about it.

Chocolate Boosts Our Mood

Find out what kind of chocolate, and how much, can raise your spirits.

Why Did I Get Dumped?

Did you get dumped & you have no idea why? Connie will tell you why one Harvard psychologist says you're better off NOT knowing why - and not getting closure!

What Causes Bad Breath?

Ever wake up in the morning why your breath smells so bad? Watch this video with Connie to figure out how to hack it!

How Eating More Fish Improves Your Health

Find out why canned fish, including tuna and anchovies, are a hot new nutrition trend.

Cook at Home For a Longer Life

Find out why shocking new research shows people who often cook at home enjoy longer lives.

How Yellow Affects Our Moods

Connie Sellecca explains why wearing yellow makes us happy, and why you shouldn't have bright yellow walls.

How Snoring Leads to Behavior Problems in Kids

Research reveals that children with breathing problems, including snoring, can develop other problems, including behavior issues.

Is This a Date ... or Not?

These days it's hard to know whether it is a date or not. Connie gives us the signs to look for to know for sure whether it's a date or not.

Why Saturdays Are So Unhealthy

This video reveals why we make our healthiest choices on Mondays and Tuesdays, and why by Saturday, most of us are no longer eating our best.

Why Spicing Up Your Diet Improves Your Health

Besides making your food taste better, certain spices actually kill bacteria that make you ill. Find out which spices can lower your risk for disease.

Don't be Fooled by Lovely Open House Staging

If you're in the market to buy a house, watch this video to find out how not to get tricked by the sights, sounds and smells that sellers use to stage their Open House.

Child Safety in Bathroom

Get some top safety tips for child-proofing your bathroom for all stages.

Beware The Licensing Effect

Many of us think that exercising gives us "license" to eat more food because it will offset our caloric intake. Watch the video to find out how we can cut back on this and pay more attention to it.

How to Use Parenting Skills to Land a Job

If you're re-entering the job market after being a stay-at-home parent for a while, you should mention your kids. Connie explains how to impress an interviewer with your parenting skills.

3 Great Tips for Better Sleep

If you're having a hard time falling asleep at night, there are a number of things you could be doing to help solve that problem. Here's a video with Connie to help explain it.

Year-Round Gardening

A new book offers advice on the best kinds of vegetables to grow in your home garden, and which will save you the most money at the grocery store.

6 Foods That Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

Can strawberries and carrots really whiten Your teeth? Connie explains how some foods contain plaque-fighting compounds that brighten your smile.

Diet Intel: Save Your Carbs for Dinner

New research reveals that eating carbs throughout the day makes you hungrier. Connie Sellecca explains why saving your carbs for dinner keeps your diet on track.

Clues That a Friend Would Like to Be More

If you suspect someone wants to take your friendship to another level, listen in as Connie explains some behaviors that should clue you in.

Your Dog Can Keep You Healthy

Connie Sellecca reveals how many miles most dogs walk during their lifetimes, and how many calories you could burn by walking along with them.

Noseprints Can ID Your Dog

Just like human fingerprints, dogs' noseprints are unique. Connie explains how to take your dog's noseprint.

Body Language Moves to Use and Avoid at Work

A top body language expert reveals moves to avoid that make us appear weak and insecure, and "power moves" that send messages of strength and confidence.

How Antioxidants in Green Tea Reduce Your Arthritis Risks

Connie explains how drinking green tea affects the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

Why Dude Ranches are Buying Bigger Horses

Americans are getting heavier, and so are the horses at dude ranches. Connie Sellecca explains this expensive new trend.

Don't Be Fooled by Cosmetics Sales Gimmicks

Knowing these secret tricks used by cosmetics departments helps you use your head, not your emotions, next time you visit the beauty counter.

Why Guys Become 'Ghosts' After a Short Relationship

"Ghosting" is the new term for guys who date you for a while, and then fade away, and stop calling or texting. In other words, they become a "ghost."

Workplace Intelligence

Office intel: Tips on when to ask for a raise and what your body language should say at meetings.

Why Standing During Meetings Makes Us More Productive

Having a business meeting by sitting around a table isn't good for getting things done. Connie explains why having everyone stand up can move things along.

How Alcohol Can Damage Young Teens' Brains and Futures

Connie Sellecca discusses the latest research about early teen risk factors for becoming a binge drinker as an adult

Are You in the Know About Babies?

Connie Sellecca reveals some surprising new facts that might make you the most popular person at your next baby shower.

Improving Your Memory by Telling Stories

Find out how kids learn and remember more when adults tell them stories and talk to them about plot and details.

Relationship Red Flags

Does your partner avoid arguments or blame you for everything? And what do your family and friends think about your new relationship? Find out what matters and what doesn't.

Germs On Phones

Find out how many thousands of bacteria are living on your cell phone, and why you shouldn't worry about them.

Tips For Giving Compliments People Will Love

Connie tells how the praise men crave differs from the compliments women prefer. You'll be surprised by her tips for making people feel flattered.

Top Reasons Men's Desks are Dirtier

Fascinating new research reveals that men's desks have more germs than women's desks. Find out why by watching this video.

How Being 'Crazy in Love' Affects Our Brains and Moods

New research gives the details about how and why new love messes with our memory, moods and reason.

How to Have a Perfect 'Delivery Day Makeover'

Find out why so many women schedule "delivery day makeovers," and what they're stashing in their bags for their hospital stay.

Irritating Facebook Couples

Connie reveals the type of Facebook couple that's most irritating to their friends, and how not to be like them.

Why Women Love Farming

More and more women are becoming farmers these days, and more than half of America's small farms are now female-owned. Find out why in this video.

Tips for Getting Your Teen to Drive Safely

Studies show kids drive differently in someone else's car, especially a parent's -- but is "differently" any safer?

Lost Dogs Returned More Often Than Cats

New research explains why lost dogs are more likely to be found and returned to their owners than lost cats.

Why Vinegar is a Secret Weight-Loss Formula

Connie Sellecca explains the latest findings about adding vinegar to your diet to boost your metabolism.

Online Dating Profile Makeup Tips

A picture is worth 1,000 words, or more, when it comes to online dating profiles. Men spend more time studying photos, while words are more important to women.

Five Good Deeds Daily Raises Happiness

Connie shares this simple tip for doubling your happiness by focusing on someone else 5 times in a single day. It really works!

Why We're Glad Pantyhose are Making a Comeback

It's retro for sure, but nude pantyhose are definitely back "in," even on fashion runways. Find out why older women are glad to see it!

Keep Your Memory Sharp

Research shows some surprising ways to work out your brain to keep memory skills sharp.

Why Humble People Get More Dates

Science proves that hungry people are the angriest, and humble, unconceited people get more dates.

Veggies And Skin Tone

New research proves you can improve your skin tone in just 3 weeks by adding one small change to your diet.

Why Being Irritated is a Good Thing in Relationships

Being irritated at little things your partner does is actually a sign of a good relationship! Connie Sellecca tells us why.

60 Seconds to Better Health

Can you improve your health by doing something for just one minute? Absolutely! Find out about our favorite 60-second tricks in this video.

Doggy Nose Prints

A dog's nose print is like a human fingerprint, and it's a booming business.

Tips for Reading Your Horse's Moods

Animal behavior experts explain how we can tell what a horse is feeling by how they hold their ears -- and so can other horses.

Simple Ways to Stop Your Child's Tantrum

Toddler temper tantrums may be a fact of life, but there are some things you can do to end your child's tantrums sooner. Connie explains how.

Why Your Kids Need More Unstructured Play Time

New research finds that being a "tiger mom," or micromanaging your kids' lives, can deprive them of a very important life skill.

The Dangers of Wearing New Clothes Before Washing Them

Scientific shopping intel reveals some surprising, and scary, reasons that wearing new clothes before washing them can be hurting your health.

Flat Stomach Don'ts

Find out how diet soda and simple carbs may expand your waistline.

3 Things That Harm Your Skin

Do you know which foods, drinks and even seasonings should you shun because they harm your skin? Connie Sellecca offers details.

How to Meet and Date Women in Real Life

A top dating expert offers tips and conversation-starters for men looking to meet women in real life, not online.

Newest Wedding Trend: "Brodal Showers"

Brodal Showers. No... That's not a spelling error. That is a real thing! Step aside ladies, looks like your pre-wedding festivities might have some friendly male competition!

How Family and Friends Can Make Us Fat

New research reveals why we eat more when dining with others, including family. And learn how we're influenced by the first person to order a meal.

Are You A Jerk?

Most jerks don't even know they're offending people, so how can you tell if you're a jerk? Psychologists say answering this one question can reveal how close to you are to being insensitive and arrogant.

Health Benefits Of Lemon

New research shows how lemons boost your immune system, help you lose weight and more.

Can Daycare Benefit Your Children?

Recent studies looked at whether youngsters who attend daycare develop better social and academic skills than their stay-at-home peers.

Annoying Text Alerts

New research discovers how text alerts are messing with our brainpower to make us less productive.

Top 3 Foods that Put Kids in Danger of Choking

Research shows that 3 of children's favorite foods present the greatest danger of getting stuck in their airways. Connie reveals tips for preventing a choking tragedy in your home.

Toddlers And Reading

Connie Sellecca offers the latest expert tips for helping your toddler get ready to read, and to enjoy being read to.

Reasons to Hide Your Cell Phone Around People

Want to impress your date, spouse and co-workers with the quality of your conversation? Connie explains why putting your phone away will do it.

Game Addiction: It's Not Just for Kids Anymore

Gaming on our cell phones is messing with our relationships and careers. Connie explains the dangers.

How to Recognize Sneaky but Illegal Employer Questions

New intel reveals the kinds of questions interviewers sneak in to get private info about your life without breaking the rules.

Why Job Success is Highest on Monday

New survey of hiring managers reveals that submitting your application on Monday is more likely to land you the job. Connie explains why this happens.

Hot New Trend: Egg-Freezing Parties

Career-minded young women are now attending each other's egg-freezing parties. They're celebrating freezing their own eggs for future use!

2 Good Reasons to Stay in Your Lane

Researchers discover which is faster: weaving in and out of traffic or staying in one lane. And find out why one driving style is much less expensive.

Tips for Photographing Your Home to Get it Sold

Connie reveals the latest tips from real estate experts on making sure your home's photos send "welcome home" messages to potential buyers.

How to Protect Your Property From Key Photographers

New technology makes it possible to duplicate keys from nothing more than a photo. Connie offers tips for protecting your home and vehicle.

Does a Cell Phone Make You Selfish?

Most people are kind and helpful most of the time. But new research shows exactly how cell phones are changing all that.

How Distance to a Store Affects Your Home's Value

Location is the No. 1 consideration when buying a house, but don't forget to consider the location of the nearest grocery store.

Scam Trend: Fake Phone Calls

New intel reveals the shocking, least-expected new scam that takes place at hotels. So when you get a call from the front desk, tell them you'll call back.

Why Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

The old adage is true: good fences do make good neighbors. Connie explains why so many people give their neighbors the cold shoulder.

The Dangers of Couches for Babies

Pediatricians are warning parents never to lay their baby down for a nap on the couch. Connie Sellecca explains why it's so dangerous.

How a Cantaloupe Can Fix Your Bad Mood

New research reveals that the vitamins in cantaloupe may work as well as a prescription antidepressant!

Secrets From a Hotel Insider

An insider reveals how hotels decide who gets bumped, how little time housekeepers spend cleaning rooms and much more.

Why Turbulence in Flight is So Scary

Fear of flying is a common phobia, and turbulence in the air is often the cause. Connie explains why we react so strongly to unexpected motion in a plane.

How to Protect Yourself Against Credit Card Fraud

The latest theft intel reveals that thieves are charging smaller amounts on stolen credit cards. Connie Sellecca tells how to protect yourself against credit card fraud.

Top 2 Ways to Stop Irritating People

Whether it's a workplace bully or an irritating relative, there are 2 sure-fire ways to stop their aggressive tactics when they're trying to get you to react.

The Hidden Dangers of Baby Walkers

Find out why pediatricians don't like baby walkers, and why some ER docs want them banned.

How 'Boomerang Parents' are Changing Real Estate Values

The latest trend in home-buying is to have separate quarters included for elderly parents, either in the house or elsewhere on the property.

Top Reasons Teens Benefit From Part-Time Work

Connie explains how having a part-time job while in high school helps them succeed in school and in life. But how much work is too much?

6 Tips for Becoming Successful

If you want to be wealthy and successful, get up earlier in the morning and spend less time surfing the web. Connie explains these and other tips in this IFYL video.

How to Meet Her Parents For the First Time

Intel for men: What to say, and what not to mention, to your new girlfriend's parents.

How Our Relationship Status Determines Our Car Choices

Find out the little-known reasons behind our car choices, why we become enraged behind the wheel, and how we can calm down when we do.

Germiest Airplane Seats

If you're concerned about avoiding germs during a flight, find out which seats are the germiest and which have advantages for your health.

Tips For Travel Snacks That Keep Your Nose Moist

Take snacks that are spicy and a bit stinky along on your next flight. Your seatmates won't thank you, but your nose just might!

Post-Wedding Trend: 'Adventuremoons'

Instead of a honeymoon, couples who love a challenge are planning for an "adventuremoon." Connie explains how couples boost their bonds by going on an adventure after the wedding.

Pros and Cons of Dating a Vegetarian

Many people who don't eat meat often feel judged by their carnivorous dates. But on the other hand, his food preferences may show he's the sensitive type!

Trees Add Value To Homes

Mature trees around your home? Even one old tree adds thousands of dollars to your home's sale price.

Happy Wife, Happy Life

Scientific evidence proves that the old adage "Happy wife, happy life" really is true! Connie explains why it's important for a wife to calm down soon after an argument.

New Car Accidents

Ever been in a fender-bender shortly after driving a new car off the lot? Find out why it happens more often than you'd think.

What a 6-Second 'Magic Kiss' Does to Your Hormones

Is your partner giving you more pecks on the cheek than "magic kisses" these days? Start replacing those pecks with 6-second lip-locks. You'll be glad you did!


Videos from Gib

Get Fit With Your Pet at a Doggy Gyms

Cardio and strength training isn't just for people anymore. Now, there are doggy gyms. That's because nearly half the pet canines in the U.S. are overweight, and have the health problems to prove it.

Dogs Get Approval for Being Cute

Scientists tell us that when dogs tilt their heads, there's a reason for that behavior. It's a trained response that elicits extra love from their owners.

Why Do Cats Love Boxes?

New research reveals that cats who crawl inside boxes or other small spaces are looking for a way to lower their stress levels. They love feeling safe and snug.

Strange Dog Behaviors Explained

Discover the science behind why dogs behave the way they do, including sniffing each other's rear-ends and licking their owners.

Boost Your Mood by Washing Your Hands

It might be the warm water, or the mini massage you give your hands as you wash -- find out why your mood lifts when you clean up.

Dirty Pets vs. Dirty Laundry

Which puts us at higher risk for illness, the germs on our pets or on our bed linens? The answers and reasons may shock you.

Why Cats are "Wilder" Than Dogs

In a book, "Cat Sense," an animal biologist explains what makes cats tick, and why they drop their freshly-killed "gifts" at your door.

Zoom Out On Your Phone

Learn why experts say zooming out and cropping are secrets to better photographs.

Why No One Likes a 'Braggie'

Find out how many people post vacation photos online within 10 minutes of arriving at their destination. Are you one?

Treadmill Trends

Learn about the souped-up treadmill craze that's sweeping through gyms across the country.

The Relaxing Secrets of a Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Gib Gerard tells why America's favorite comfort food, grilled cheese sandwiches, can actually help us relax.

Lose Weight by Rearranging Your Fridge

Our surroundings influence our behavior, so let's learn how to rearrange our kitchens up to make healthy decisions much more automatic.

Signs Your Guy is High-Maintenance

1 in 5 women say they've dated or married a man who is high maintenance. Look for the signs to see if your man is high maintenance.

How Cell Phones Are Changing Photo Albums

Find out how cellphones have changed photography, and how social media creates photo trends.

When Good Cats Attack Humans

Gib Gerard explains which spots on a cat's body are most likely to be "off-limits," so even a good kitty bites you when you touch those spots.

Talking Tips For a Second Date

Gib offers some great tips about how not to blow a second date by getting too close too soon, and what topics of conversation might make your date head for the hills.

Are Cheese And Flour Wrecking Your Waistline?

New scientific survey reveals that these 2 foods account for nearly all the extra 500 calories a day that we're consuming.

Hot New Trend: Virtual Weddings

Find out how this hot new trend is becoming more popular every year, and why it's catching on.

Would You Test Drive a House?

One of the latest trends in home buying is the "test drive," or "sleep-over." Find out why people are spending more time in a prospective home before they buy.

Why Wi-Fi Routers Don't Belong in the Bedroom

New science intel reveals the reason you should not keep a wi-fi router in your bedroom. Learn about the radiation hazard here.

Tips For Overcoming Negativity

New mental health intel: How to disrupt a "brooding cycle," and the secret question used by Navy Seals to get into a more positive mindset.

Why Rain Smells So Fresh

MIT scientists have uncovered the secret to the smell of fresh rain. It's all about the bubbles, they say.

Amazing Things to Know About Cats

Find out how your cat is controlling you, and why more cats are developing allergies. Learn what they might be reacting to, and what you can do about it.

How Sounds Affect Our Moods

An expert explains why white noise relaxes us, and how our brain reacts to obnoxious sounds.

Dogs Have Less Stress in Kennels

Do you feel guilty when putting your dog in a kennel while you go on vacation? This new research on dogs in kennels will change that!

6 Words To Never Use On A Resume

If you're trying to get a job, watch this video to discover the six words you should never, ever use on your resume.

Why We Love the Smell of an Alpha Male

New research proves that aggressive, competitive men smell more attractive to women. Find out why in this video segment.

How to Boost Your Employees' Job Performances

Positive expectations of your employees proves the power of suggestion creates a "placebo effect" on the job. Find out how employees tend to live up, or down, to a boss's expectations.

Stay Safe: Ditch the Myths About Lightning

NOAA offers new advice on safety during a thunderstorm, and it's probably not what you grew up with. Gib reveals who's most likely to be struck by lightning.

Men's Fashion Uptick

Find out why men are going clothes shopping at least as much, if not more, than women these days.

More Fascinating Cat Facts

The latest intel explains how your cat controls you, and why more cats are developing allergies. Learn what they might be reacting to, and what to do about it.

The Value of Playing Games With Your Kids

Gib Gerard tells how scientific studies prove that playing games with children helps them learn a variety of skills.

Online Dating Profile Mistakes

A picture is worth 1,000 words, or more, when it comes to online dating profiles. Men spend more time studying photos, while words are more important to women.

Detox With Coffee

Gib explains the latest research on how coffee can protect your liver.

Showers for Expectant Dads

Forget the baby showers for women, the dudes are getting their own pre-baby parties with food, gifts, and games!

Are You Terrified of Facial Pores?

Some people are so obsessed with their facial pores that they panic at the thought of leaving home or being photographed! Find out about this new phobia in this video.

Your Clothes Actually Mean Something

Whether you realize it or not, the clothes you wear can alter the way you act and think.

Why High School Grades are Valuable

The latest research reveals that boosting your grades in high school can boost your income later in life.

Book Abandonment Guilt

Have you ever started a new book and then felt guilty about not finishing it? Turns out book abandonment guilt is a real thing!

The Secret of Keeping Your Jeans in Great Shape.

Find out the best way to store jeans so they always look and feel great. And did you know that manufacturers recommend only washing them after 10 wearings?

How to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work

Distance does make the heart grow fonder, but only if you have one important thing in common. Get the tip in this IFYL video.

Online Dating Keywords

Experts reveal the most popular words, movies and TV shows to get the most attention for your dating profile. And learn how men and women are attracted to different words and photos.

Why We Wake Up Before the Alarm Goes Off

Suprachiasmatic nucleus: It may sound strange, but it's the reason that a jangling alarm clock is so irritating. Gib explains why our brain's "body clock" wakes us up a little early.

Perfect Online Dating Profile

Find out what science says about what makes the perfect dating profile, including how many photos and what kind, and which profiles men and women respond to most.

Why That First Text is So Stressful

Find out why nearly a third of men surveyed are more nervous and frustrated when planning a first text than a first kiss with a new love interest.

Signs Your Cat Really Owns You

Do your own a cat, or does a cat own you? Find out which human behaviors cat-lovers will recognize as signs that your pet, not you, is really in charge.

Using Your Smartphone to Earn Cash

Learn some tricks for making extra money from your smartphone -- from selling photos to filling out surveys.

De-stressing With Yoga

Learn more about this relaxing exercise regimen that calms your nervous system and helps you lose weight without even trying.

How Cats Train Women to Love Them

Research reveals secrets behind that special bond between women and felines. Gib Gerard separates fact from fiction when it comes to our favorite myths about "crazy cat ladies."

Why Sitting Side-by-Side Enhances Your Relationship

Most couples sit across from each other at a restaurant. But new research says sitting next to each other brings you closer.

Why Carpoolers Are Happier

Find out why commuting with companions can boost your mood and sense of wellbeing.

Why Your Dog Needs A Massage

Getting a massage is always a good thing. Did you know there's a simple technique for giving your dog a relaxing massage too?

Using Body Language to Connect With Others

Find out how babies mimic their elders and how can we use this skill to help us on the job and in making friends.

How to Get Un-Friended in a Hurry

Have you ever un-friended someone on Facebook because they brag too much? Well, you're not alone.

Hot New Trend: Pop-Up Weddings

Find out why "pop-up Weddings" are one of the hottest new trends and how to know if you want to try one.

Improving Your Memory by Telling Stories

Find out how kids learn and remember more when adults tell them stories and talk to them about plot and details.

Latest Way to Network is Working Out Together

Traditional business networking events are giving way to "sweatworking." Colleagues are now connecting while by walking, playing tennis or taking a workout class together.

Why People Fight Over Machines at the Gym

Ever get cranky when someone else is on "your machine" at the gym? You're not alone. Find out why in this video.

What Facial Hair Reveals About a Man's Personality

Style experts dish out the latest intel on what your mustache, beard, soul patch or 5 o'clock shadow say about you.

Restaurant Photo Perks Include Free Food

Restaurants are now encouraging diners to take pictures of their food to post on social media. And some eateries reward you with a free dessert or appetizer.

It's True: Clothes Make The Man

More than 1 in 4 women turn down dates because they don't like the man's clothes. So guys, find out what they really want to see.

Dating And Fading

Gib explains what dating experts are saying about "fading away" when a new relationship doesn't hold much promise.

Dogs are Good Judges of Character

A new university study reveals that dogs can actually sense whether or not humans are trustworthy.

The Worst Career for Your Waistline

A new survey identifies which career is the very worst for weight gain. Gib explains how stress and sitting still play a role.

The Dangers of Too Many Protein Shakes

The number of "protein princesses," hitting the gym to sculpt their physiques, and guzzling far too many protein shakes, is rising. Find out how it causes health issues.

How to Photograph A Black Pet

We love to take pictures of our pets, but it's a real challenge when their fur is all black. Gib offers tips on how to make them stand out and shine in pictures.

Alcohol at Work: The Good and the Bad

A growing number of companies are allowing employees to drink alcohol on the job, in some situations. But new research shows drinking on the job can be a bad thing.

Why We're Fascinated With Our 'Googlegangers?'

Have you ever "googled" yourself and come across people with your name? New polls reveal the popularity of connecting with our "Googlegangers," or strangers who share our names.

Sharing Good News On Facebook

Get the latest on why it's good to share good news on Facebook, but remember to keep it light.

Stop and Think Before Recycling an Old Phone or Laptop

You delete everything from your phone or computer before turning it in for recycling. But a good identity thief can still retrieve personal data. Find out how to "leave no trace."

New Trend in Posing the Deceased During Funerals

A new survey shows that some people are posing their dead relatives in lifelike poses to make funerals more "fun."

Texting And Kids' Brains

Parents and teachers worry that texting shorthand is ruining kids' language and spelling skills, but research shows the opposite may be true.

Why You Stink

Some reasons for body odors may surprise you. And doing this one simple thing before getting dressed may change the way you smell.

Animal Shelters Don't Need Your Chickens

Odd, but true: Animal shelters are being overrun with urban chickens. Find out why, and what some of the problems are with keeping chickens in your yard.

Laser Pointers Can Drive Dogs Crazy

It's fun to watch your dog chase a flashing red light around the room, but the effects on her mental health is no laughing matter.

Hot New Trend: Changing Room Selfies

Find out why some stores are installing iPads so customers can snap selfies to send to friends.

Why Happy Cows Give More Milk

Another surprising fact: happy cows produce more milk! Research reveals that a cow's mood has affects her milk output. Gib explains how to make a cow happy.

Vermin Intel: Roaches Like Dining Together

If it seems that cockroaches travel in packs, it's not your imagination. Gib explains why they also like to bunch up when they find something good to eat.

Ways to Beef Up Your Bank Account

Watch this video for some creative and unusual ways to make extra money on the side. Some are so interesting that you may want to start a new business!

Be Kind to Your Cows' Ears

New research shows cow bells used by farmers to keep track of their herd can do serious damage to cows' hearing and even their eating habits.

The Secret Trick of 'Pirate Vision'

Gib reveals the secret to acclimating your eyes to see better at night so you never stub your toes in the dark again!

Common Pet Myths Dispelled

Experts unveil the truth behind some common dog and cat misconceptions, like what they mean by tail-wagging and purring, and how germy their mouths are.

Why Men are Buying Stinky Candles

A new company is selling a line of candles in 25 "manly scents." Can you guess what they are?

Why Fussy Cats Love Faucets

Cats tend to be neat freaks. And they're very picky about where their water comes from. That's why some cats prefer a running faucet to a water bowl.

Top Causes of Intestinal Gas

Can you believe it? The average person passes gas 20 times a day! Find out why beverages and sugar-free foods cause more gas.

Your Dog Hates Being Hugged

Humans give hugs as a sign of affection, but your dog might take it as a completely different sign. Gib explains what to watch out for.

How to Save Your Pet From Thieves

Some people flip houses, while others flip pets. Find out why scammers and thieves want to dog-nap your pet, and how to protect them.

The 6 Most Annoying Coworkers

A new survey reveals the 6 worst habits that turn colleagues into annoying coworkers. Find out if you're one of them.

Tips for Keeping Your Pets Healthier

Does love for your pet cause you to make unhealthy choices for them? These can include giving too many treats and avoiding dental treatment.

Cardio Or Weight Training

Duke University researchers highlight the benefits of cardio for burning calories, and why weight training revs your metabolism.

Cats Go Crazy With Too Much Attention

Learn some key signs that your cat could be getting annoyed with all of that petting.

Secrets of Communicating With Your Dog

Maybe your dogs can't talk back, but they understand words and body language. They're also very quick to pick up on our emotions, and they want to help.

Hot New Job Trend: Barrel Makers

Looking for a new, hands-on job? Try becoming a cooper, or barrel-maker. It's one of the fastest-growing occupations in the U.S. Gib explains why, and how to look for a coopering job.

Funny Mistakes Men are More Likely to Make With Cars

The latest research on what men and women are most likely to forget about cars, including leaving stuff on the roof, driving off with the gas nozzle still attached, and much more.

Is Living in a Model Home Right For You?

Learn how you and your family can live on a budget in a high-end model home by becoming a "model family."

Signs You're an Organic Choices Snob

New study reveals that making organic choices leads many people to feeling superior, or even downright snobby. Gib explains why this happens.

What to do Before You Choose Your Baby's Name

New intel suggests ways to protect yourself from "baby name regret," including asking for opinions from friends and family.

How Haircuts Affect Our Moods

Whether you love it or hate it, that new haircut will affect the way you feel about yourself, and may even affect your job.

Harp Music Can Reduce a Pet's Anxiety

Learn how CDs of harp music are proven to calm your pets, aid digestion and help them sleep. It works on humans too.

Self-Esteem Intel: We Love Looking at Ourselves

Most people can't resist looking at their own reflections -- in mirrors, store windows and other places. Find out how many times a day most people check themselves out.

Find Out If He's Serious by Checking His Phone

Gib Gerard reveals at least 5 ways your new guy's smart phone can tell you if he's really into you, or if you're just another date.

How More Words Get Added to the Dictionary

Gib Gerard reveals the latest words added to the Oxford English Dictionary and explains how words qualify for inclusion.

Reasons We Can't Resist Fatty Foods

Food scientists explain how fat in foods turns on our brains' pleasure center.

How 'Un-friending' People Affects Your Social Life

Gib tells why un-friending is all the rage on Facebook, but warns about how it may affect your friendships in real life.

How to Attract More Buyers to Your Yard Sale

Don't plan your yard sale before watching this video! Find out why it's important to appeal to men first

Little Things That Boost Our Generosity

New survey shows that giving diners tiny mints or drawing a smiley face on their dinner check garners bigger tips for servers. John Explains why these small things affect our generosity.

Hot Wedding Trend: Drone Photos

A new survey reveals why more and more couples are hiring drones to photograph their weddings. But it's dangerous and illegal.

Opening Boxes for Fun and Profit

Strange, but true: Millions of people are watching "unboxing" videos on YouTube. Gib explains how you can make thousands with this simple gimmick.

Hot Wedding Trend: Rustic Barns

Find out what wedding experts say about the advantages of holding your wedding on a farm, and some of the drawbacks to getting married in a barn.

Why Millennials Love Food Videos

The largest demographic group of people watching online videos about food preparation are under 30. Find out why in this video.

Reasons Return Trips Feel Faster

Psychology research explains why return trips seem so much shorter than your trip to get to your destination. Find out why in this video.

Sometimes Gaming Success Looks Good on a Resume

If you're a top-notch gamer, should you mention your fantasy video game expertise on a resume or in an interview? Gib Gerard fills us in on the dos and don'ts.

New Yard Trend During Drought: Lawn Painting

If your lawn is brown, dry and sad-looking, you might want to look into getting it spray painted. Gib explains the advantages and the costs.

The Best Aromas For Selling Your Home Faster

The top 2 recommended scents to use when prospective buyers come to your home will surprise you, since they're not the usual cinnamon-sugar smell. Gib Gerard gives the details.

How to Read Your Boss's Mood Before You Ask a Favor

Did you know that your boss's "blink rate" can signal your chances for success when asking for a favor or a raise? Intel from the FBI explains.

Body Language Tips for the Workplace

These tips from a body language expert can keep you out of trouble with the boss and co-workers, and make you seem more agreeable.

Will Your Next Home Office be in a Shed?

Real estate experts reveal that the latest backyard trend is installing a pre-fab shed to use as an office! Gib Gerard explains the details.

What Do Those Bars on Your Cell Phone Mean?

Gib Gerard explains the most common mistakes people make about their cell phones, and what those bars really mean.

Don't Let Co-Workers' Contagious Attitudes Rub Off on You

If one of your co-workers is "burned out" and barely able to do the job, you need these tips for preventing their attitude from affecting your career.

Do You Have Video Game Flashbacks?

Find out what the latest research reveals about how video games are changing the way we behave, and what we hear.

Tips for Handling 'Desk Rage'

You've heard of "road rage," but have you ever experienced "desk rage?" Gib Gerard explains what it is, what causes it and how to prevent it.

The Dangers of Deer at Airports

Find out why deer-plane collisions are on the upswing, why deer like hanging out on the tarmac, and what airports are doing about it.

Buying Haunted Houses

Learn where to do your research to avoid buying a haunted house, or how to find one if that's your interest.

Texting Triples Your Risk of a Crash

Texting while driving is such a dangerous thing to do that cops are using some effective new methods to catch drivers who can't resist sending messages on the road.

Funeral Trend: High-Tech Tombstones

The newest trend in tombstones is to include websites or "QR codes" for apps visitors can scan with their cell phones. Find our how it works.

Junk Food Increases Asthma Risk

Do your kids have asthma? You might want to check out your pantry, turns out junk food can pretty much cancel out an asthma inhaler.

Be Kind to Your Cows' Ears

New research shows cow bells used by farmers to keep track of their herd can do serious damage to cows' hearing and even their eating habits.

Top Physical and Mental Benefits of Pumping Iron

Strength training does more than just build muscles. Find out how it helps boost your brainpower too.

New Trend: Crying During Your Workout

If you feel better after a good cry, you'll be fascinated by this new research that shows how we release stress hormones in the gym.

New Decorating Trend: Free-standing Bathtubs

Sales of built-in bathtubs, even jacuzzi styles, are way, way down, retailers say. Gib tells us why the nostalgic look is "in" these days.

Lying to Get an Upgrade

A travel expert reveals that 1 in 5 people resort to lying and fakery to get upgraded to first class on a plane.

Top 2 Reasons to Embrace Your 'Smartphone Signature'

New career intel explains how a "sent from my iPhone" type of signature affects how business colleagues perceive you. It really works!

That Old iPod May Be Worth Big Bucks

Find out the appeal of older iPods, and why some of them, especially limited-edition red ones, have recently sold for big bucks online.

Why Men With Deep Voices Succeed in Business and Politics

Scientists have discovered that male speakers with deep voices are believed to be more successful and charismatic. Find out why the same isn't true for women.

Why Type A Personalities Choose Aisle Seats

Whether you choose an aisle or window seat, that choice is a fairly accurate reflection of your personality. Get the details in this video.

The Dangers of Cockpit Selfies

Find out what some pilots are doing while they should be concentrating on flying, and how dangerous it can be for their passengers.

Tips For Avoiding Tourist Scams

Tourist scams are devious and sometimes humorous, but they always hit us in the wallet. Find out how to see when you're being set up.

How Learning to Survive Can Kill You

Interested in learning to live off the land? As Gib explains in this video, you'd better get well-educated about "the wild" first.

NYC Travel Trend: Night Court

Sure, the Empire State Building is interesting, but New York City's night court is finding its way onto many tourists' lists of "must-have" adventures.

Secrets to Photos That Get You Noticed Online

Discover which kind of profile picture gets you noticed the most, which facial expressions are best and what to avoid.

How Fancy Food Names Make Us Spend More

Would you be more likely to order something labeled a "customer favorite?" Gib reveals how restaurants entice us to order pricier items by re-naming them.

Family Banter

The best family banter videos.

How To Live Like A Dog

When it comes to role models for health and diet, look no farther than your dog. They exercise, eat on schedule and know how to stay happy.

Help Your Pet Avoid Doggy Dementia

New studies reveal half of all canine pets will get "doggy dementia" by a certain age. Learn some tips for keeping your dog's brain sharper longer.

What Your Dog Wants to Tell You

Experts reveal the top 3 things dogs want their people to understand about them.

Hungry Dogs are Easier to Train

Top dog-training tip: The best time to train your dog is when it wants something from you, especially food!

Women In Happy Relationships

New research reveals what once-a-day habit women in the happiest relationships do.

Which Is Worse? Food And Beverage Edition

A new study shows that we may be drinking as many calories as we eat, or even more. Compare these pairs of foods and beverages to find out why!

Scientific Signs Your Relationship Is Good

A new study identifies 2 signs that your relationship is probably built to last.

Is Your Date Interested in You?

Find out what "over-laughing" should tell you about whether your date likes you or is just pretending.

Make Bed To Feel Happier

Wake up in the morning and make your bed! Take a listen and find out why it's the best way to jumpstart your day!

Using Your Imagination to Boost Weight Loss

New weight-loss intel: If you want to eat less for dinner, try visualizing what you ate for lunch. Get more weight-loss tips in this video.

Cat Apps

Find out about some new apps for your iPad or other tablet that can help Fluffy look and feel fitter and younger.

Simple Test to Find Out if You're a Tech Addict

Answering a few questions about your online and gadget habits will reveal whether you're a "tech addict," or you just love gadgets.

Shocking Places Bacteria Lurk in Restaurants

You'll be shocked by where the most germs are hiding out in your favorite restaurants. And they aren't in the food.

Carrying A Guitar Gets You Dates

New research proves that carrying a guitar increases a man's chance of getting dates, but it doesn't work for women.

Praying For Friends Cures Tension

How praying for, and thinking about, someone in a positive way can de-fuse tense situations and reduce relationship tensions.

Why We Love Our Dogs Like Family

We love our pets so much that 90% of dog owners say their dogs are "full-fledged family members." How would you rate your love for your canine "baby?"

Why More People Are Adopting Ducks as Pets

Find out the many benefits of duck ownership and why they are becoming the hottest new pet trend.

Love Me, Love My Dog!

Did you know that your love life can be affected by how you respond to your date's dogs, and how you relate to your own pet.

Olive Oil Is Fascinating to Dogs

We love relaxing with aromatherapy, but how about our dogs? A top vet reveals how they respond to smells, too.

Dealing With Your Dog's Sleep Problems

Is sleeping with your dog a good idea? Find out some canine sleep issues that may be keeping you awake.

Which Is Worse? Candy Edition

Find out whether black or red licorice is worse for you, and if yogurt-covered raisins are better for you than their chocolate-covered cousins.

Which Is Worse? Healthy Food Edition

Get more nutrition intel on pairs of healthy foods: Kale vs. spinach and salmon vs. tuna.

Rating Weddings On Yelp

We rate the service and cuisine at restaurants, the helpfulness of store clerks and the cleanliness of motel rooms online, so why not rate the weddings you attend?

Shocking Origin of the Phrase 'Hang Nail'

Gib goes to the "Etymological Corner" to explain how an "ang nail" became a "hang nail" in modern English. You'll be surprised!

Online Dating Red Flags

A top relationship expert reveals 3 red flags you might come across in an online dating profile. And why should you run at the first use of the word "technically."

Why Spicy, Stinky Foods Can Make You Eat Less

Eating more highly-spiced foods can make you eat less, even while enjoying the taste more, according to researchers at Cornell University.

Which Is Worse? Food Bacteria; Home vs Office Work

A new study reveals we get more work done at home than at the office. Find out why! And would you eat a piece of pizza left out overnight, or dropped on the floor?

The Secret to Changing Minds

When you really want to change someone's mind about something, there's one "magic phrase" that almost guarantees you the greatest chance for success.

Whistle While You Work

This activity has a calming effect, but use it before, not during, a meeting or interview.

Are Texts More Honest Than Phone Calls?

Research shows you're more likely to get an honest answer in a text than in person or over the phone, but why is that true?

Which is Worse? Boss Teeth Cleanliness, Coffee Sips vs. Straws

Do you tell a boss they have spinach in their teeth? And what causes more harm: sipping coffee from a cup or a straw?

How a Name Can Boost Your Success

Want to know the one change to make that can help you make more money and be perceived as more likeable... The answer is in this video from our Intelligence For Your Life TV show.

Don't Mess With Your Look

What's your signature style? Whatever it is, we'll tell you why it's in your best interest not to change it.

3 Things to Avoid During an Interview

New research reveals the top 3 things company interviewers hate to hear and see during their first meeting with a job-seeker.

Are you a Textrovert?

New intel highlights people who are oh-so-clever when texting, but clam up in a real conversation.

Yummies Spend More

Learn about the shopping habits of 20-something men, and why they're called "yummies." And they're marrying later than ever.

5 Guys Who Won't Make You Happy

Whether he wants to rescue you, use you or just be adored by you, these are the men who will never be able to make you happy.

A Midlife Crisis Leads to Posting More Selfies

New study reveals who's taking more selfies, men or women. You'll be shocked and amused at the findings.

Surprising New Wedding Trends

Find out how millennials are celebrating their nuptials, and what they're hiring someone else to do.

How to Sell Your Home to Younger Buyers

What's the best way to sell your home to younger buyers? Lots of photos online and a whole lot more.

Are You Stressing Your Kids at Sporting Events?

We'll tell you why kids can feel too much pressure from parents who attend their athletic events.

Shopping Opinion Apps

Receive instant feedback from fashion savvy strangers with this latest shopping app.

Pets Teach Us to Live Better, Longer

Secrets of longevity we could learn from our pets include stretching when we wake up. Learn some other top tips here.

Teach Children Money Habits Early

Find out how early kids can start understanding the value of money, and how to help them develop good money habits.

Experts Say Weird Toddler Behaviors are Normal

Weird is actually pretty normal when it comes to toddler behaviors, from putting everything in their mouth to imaginary friends.

Talking to Your Baby Leads to Earlier Speech

New research explains the many positive effects of talking often to your baby.

Female Body Language Mistakes

Studies say women have weaker body language in the workplace. Find out which body language trends you should try to avoid.

Why 'Calm Down' is a Relationship-Buster

Want to mend a fight with your partner? Our experts say leaving the words "calm down" out of the conversation can save your relationship!

3 Ways To Improve Your Relationship

Looking for a pick-me-up with your partner? Watch these three tips to strengthen your bond and love for each other.

Got a Tough Decision? Make it Early

Find out Why making tough decisions in the morning leads to better and more moral results than when we tackle those decisions late in the day.

Signs He's Really In Love With You

Not sure if your man is in deep? Watch this video to discover some surprising but telltale signs that your man really is in love with you.

The 5 Most Infuriating Tech Habits Revealed

A new survey reveals which behaviors by users of cellphones, tablets and other tech gadgets are the most annoying to the rest of us.

Some Old Phones Are Back in Demand

Want to make up to $1,300? You'll be inspired to check your junk drawer for an old cell phone after watching this video.

5 Reasons It's Good to be Old

Five humorous, but fairly accurate, reasons we don't mind getting old include being considered wise, and wearing whatever we want to.

How Sharing Your Dreams Brings You Closer

If you trust your partner enough to share even your weirdest dreams with them, your relationship is probably going to last.

What Not to Binge Watch Before Bedtime

Not surprisingly, watching stressful TV shows raises our stress levels. So if you must binge watch before bed, go for comedies, not crime dramas, experts advise.

Why Men Shut Down During Arguments

Women always knew it, but here's the proof. Science can now explain why men stop listening during emotional arguments with their loved ones.

Sleep in Sync With Your Partner

Couples who go to bed and wake up at the same time report higher levels of satisfaction with the quality of their sleep and their relationship.

How to Be a Job Interview Superstar

Get the latest job interview tips in this video. Find out what you should always do, and what never to do when interviewing for a new job.

How Dim Lighting Helps You Connect With Your Teen

Studies explain why dimming the lights for a discussion with your teen allow for a more productive talk.

What Men Really Think About Women Who Cuss

Guys: How do you feel about women swearing? We'll tell you what the latest research says.

When To Let Go Of A Handshake

A 3-second handshake conveys trust, control and confidence. But what does holding on too long, or not long enough, say about your personality?

Which Is Worse? Candy Edition

Find out why choosing red licorice over black has health benefits, and whether chocolate-covered raisins are healthier than yogurt-covered varieties.

Which is Worse? Fat & Sugar Edition

Find out whether you should stick with a chicken caesar salad or a chicken sandwich, which alcoholic drink to stay away from and which peanut butter is sneaking extra sugar into your diet. 

The Secret Solution for Reducing Crankiness

New research shows that drinking plenty of water can change our moods, reduce headaches and many other health benefits.

Is Your Dog More Precious Than Family?

Would you be more upset if your dog or a family member passed away? Find out what a new survey says.

Which Is Better? Pick-Me-Ups

You'll hear some surprising answers to questions about which is better: Walks or naps, lemon or peppermint, running or crossfit class.

Top Tip for Making That Big Decision

Find out how dressing for success works helps you make better decisions, even when you're the only one in the room.

How To Find Your Car

The latest in memory research reveals an important trick for increasing your brain's ability to recall important info - like where you parked your car.

Daily Mood Boosters

Find out which activities and foods boost feel-good hormones and what color highlighters to use for an extra burst of happiness.

Signs Your Guy Is A Jerk

A new survey reveals what women think makes a guy "a jerk," including he's a doormat or he texts others during your date.

Dating Profile Enhancement

How much is too much when it comes to doctoring your profile pictures?

Why Cracked Phone Screens Are a New Status Symbol

Learn how a cracked screen on your cellphone tells your friends you are really cool and financially independent!

Why Men are Attracted to Beautiful Hair

Ladies, you know you feel more attractive when you're having a fabulous hair day, but did you know guys are more attracted to beautiful hair than a revealing outfit?

Secrets of a Happy Relationship

Find out what to do to create that magic formula for a happy relationship, on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Why Gum Chewers are Better Drivers

News Flash: Chewing gum while you drive can heighten your awareness of movements around you. Find out why!

Tips for Dealing With Workplace Bullies

Bullying is a big problem in the workplace just as it is in the schoolyard. Get some body language tips in this video for putting bullies in their place.

Why Picky Eaters Don't Get Dates

Find out how being super-picky when ordering a meal can make you look too high maintenance for a second or third date.

Improving Your Memory by Telling Stories

Find out how kids learn and remember more when adults tell them stories and talk to them about plot and details.

Top 3 Things Women Hate in a Man's Apartment

A new poll of online dating websites reveals the top 3 things that no woman wants to see when she visits a date's home for the first time.

Is a Retirement Home Right for Your Pet?

Research reveals more animals are going to pet retirement homes when they get too old, or when their owners die or can no longer care for them.

The Latest On Germs

Dr. Germ reveals the most common places we pick up germs every day at work, in stores and at home.

How to Get a First-Class Upgrade

A new survey reveals that if you're friendly and polite, you may be first in line for a first-class seat on your next flight.

How Scary Movies Help You Bond

Psychologists explain why watching a scary movie with a date can help bring you closer together. But how scary is too scary?

Tips for Taking Notes to Boost Your Memory

New research reveals the best way to take notes when you really want to remember what's been said.

The No. 1 Reason He's 'Mr. Right'

The most important sign that a new guy is a keeper is his willingness to help you out. Get the details in this new IFYL video.

A Simple Trick to Reduce Dog Anxiety

Does your dog get anxious easily? This simple life hack will help to de-stress your dog and possibly even help him sleep better.

How Gardening Helps You De-Stress

Gardening is fun, but did you know that planting and caring for a garden can do your body and mind a world of good?

Another Great Reason to Play More Online Games

Neuroscientists find that playing certain kinds of games on your cell phone or tablet can actually raise your IQ. Find out which ones here.

4 Signs That Your Date is Really Into You

The latest relationship intel reveals which body language cues can signal that your new love interest is really interested in you.

How Kiwi Fruit and Gardening Calm Us Down

Fascinating new research reveals: Playing in the dirt could replace Prozac, kiwi helps you sleep, and more.

Top 3 Tips for Being More Energetic

Find out psychologists' top three secrets to having more energy throughout the day, starting early in the morning.

Why Women Don't Like Relationship Surprises

This "90 Seconds Of Intel" segment includes surprising new research on why women don't like surprises and why round furniture feels more welcoming.

The Secret to Inner Calm is at the Zoo

Feeling stressed out? Blood pressure's up? The cure may be as close as your local zoo or aquarium. Find out why.

Are You Committing 'Netflix Adultery?'

"Netflix Adultery" is the new term for watching your favorite shows alone instead of waiting to watch them with your partner. And 1 in 5 of us lie about it!

The Secret to Finding a Lost Dog

Dog experts offer some surprising new tips that will help you bring your lost dog home.

New Trend: 3D Replicas of Our Pets

Thanks to new 3D copy technology, pet owners are now able to have 3-dimensional replicas made of their beloved pets, to enjoy after they pass away. It works for people, too!

5 Sounds Kids Today Don't Recognize

A rotary phone and a typewriter are two of the common sounds of yesteryear that today's youngsters don't recognize. Find out what the next 3 are!

The Top 3 Signs You're Obsessed With Your Dog

A fun new survey reveals the top 3 signs that indicate you're absolutely obsessed with your dog.

Would You Watch a 6-Hour 'Slow Movement' TV Show?

John Tesh speculates that "slow movement TV" may be coming to America. Would you enjoy watching a 6-hour train ride, a person knitting or lambs being born?

How Women's Excuses Differ From Men's

A fascinating new survey reveals the differences between men's and women's excuses when they're pulled over for speeding.

Learn Better Relationship Skills From Your Dog

Some key relationship skills to learn from your dog include not holding grudges, and being happy with life's little enjoyments.

Why Cats Seek Out Strange Places

Cats are heat-seeking animals, which explains their sometimes odd choices about sleeping quarters and positions.

Why Bonding With Our Pet "Kids" is Healthy

Many people refer to their pets as "my kids." The latest research shows that this close bonding is a positive thing for your brain.

Chubby cat? There's an app for that

Find out some amazing new apps for your phone or tablet can help your cat have more fun and feel fitter and younger.

What Does it Mean When He Talks Like You?

Another sign that someone is really into you is when he starts talking like you! Get the details in this IFYL video.

What Not to Watch Before Bed

New sleep research reveals that watching the TV financial news late at night is a sure way to stay awake longer. Find out why!

How Walking Together Helps You Resolve Arguments

Taking a walk together when you're having a disagreement with your partner can help you realize you do want to go in the same direction together.

5 Things You Should Never Do For Love

A new poll of relationship experts reveals 5 things you should never let your partner talk you into doing. No. 1 on the list is getting a tattoo!

Eat Slowly To Lose Weight

Dietician recommends taking a full minute between bites -- but does anyone have time to eat that way?

Immature Men

A new study reveals 30% of women end relationships because of this one issue. Find out women's top complaints about their men, and why men reach emotional maturity later in life.

Top 2 States Where You'll See More 'Man Buns'

New survey says 3 out of 5 women would never date a guy wearing a "man bun," and reveals the 2 states where you're most likely to see them.

The Most Hated Word in English

New Yorker magazine asked its readers which word they would most like to delete from the English language. You'll be surprised!

Why High Heels Are Hurting Us at Home

Home is where most high heel injuries happen -- injuries severe enough to send women to the emergency room. Find out about the danger zones in this video.

Why People are Stealing Cheese

Can you believe it? Cheese is now the most shoplifted food item in American grocery stores. Find out why!

Are Saggy Selfies Bringing You Down?

The super-close-up selfie craze is a boon for plastic surgeons. A new survey reveals the reasons, and the fastest-growing facial procedures.

Meeting Up With An Ex

If you must discuss something with your ex, one kind of meeting threatens your current partner more than another, according to Cornell researchers. Find out how to keep a meeting with your ex from coming between you and your partner.

How Dishonesty Becomes Contagious

John, Connie and Gib discuss why dishonesty is contagious. And find out why the sound of your cell phone ringing can be more stressful than a baby crying.

Why Delayed Gratification Boosts Our Happiness Level

Science reveals the surprising reasons we feel better when we have to wait for a purchase to arrive.

Most Women Prefer Men With Jobs

A survey of dating websites reveals women are "unlikely" to accept a date from an unemployed man. Advice: Get a job before posting a dating profile.

Things Your Teen Must Know Before Leaving Home

Does your high schooler make a simple meal, do laundry and say "thank you?" Find out what they really need to know before they leave home.

5 Sounds Kids Today Don't Recognize

A rotary phone and a typewriter are just two of the common sounds of yesteryear that today's youngsters wouldn't even recognize. Find out what the next 3 are!

Top 4 Signs You've Discovered Your Passion

Do you know what your true passion in life really is? Watch this video to learn the 4 signs that show you're doing what you're most passionate about.

Why Photography is Becoming a Lost Art

Thanks to cell phones that take pictures, this generation's photo albums -- digital or print -- are now completely stuffed with close-up photos of our own faces. Learn more about how selfies are killing photo albums.

What Your Shower Says About You

Fascinating new research reveals what your style of showering says about your personality. Don't miss this video!

4 Items Most Often Stolen From Hotel Rooms

Travel experts reveal which items you can legally take, and what items are most often stolen from hotel rooms.

What 10-Year-Olds Want to Be When They Grow Up

A fascinating new poll reveals the surprising careers that 10-year-olds say they want to have. More than 1 in 3 wants to be a celebrity.

A Messy Desk Can Get You Fired

A new survey reveals what a cluttered desk says about your personality and work habits, and that bosses often consider firing employees with super-messy work areas.

Lose Weight By Grinning Before You Eat

New research proves that smiling raises your mood, and feeling happier before you begin a meal actually helps you eat less.

3 Tips for Enjoying a More Perfect Vacation

Scientific survey offers tips to help you enjoy your weekends and vacations more, including planning ahead so you look forward to it longer.

Why Your Weight May Affect Your Salary

Fascinating new research reveals that thin women are more highly paid, but thin men make less than heavier men. Find out why this might be true.

5 Lies People Tell For a First-Class Seat

New survey reveals that 1 in 5 people stoop to telling sympathy-generating lies to get upgraded from coach to first class.

Signs You're a 'Lawnmower Parent'

We've heard of "helicopter parents," but psychologists say "lawnmower parents" are even worse. Find out why constantly smoothing the path for your child isn't doing her any favors.

Do You Share Too Many Baby Photos Online?

New parents post so many photos of their new baby that they're being un-friended in record numbers. John, Connie and Gid talk about why people hate this "oversharenting."

Increase Your Brainpower

New studies reveal 3 things to do each day to strengthen memory and boost your brainpower.

Are You a Forgotten Sibling?

New survey reveals that second, third and subsequent children are almost ignored in family photo albums. Do these "forgotten siblings" suffer for it later?

How Grandparents are Changing the World

The coming "grandparent explosion" is likely to raise the academic skills of a new generation. Find out what grandparents do with kids that many parents don't.

Reasons to Beware of Free Grocery Store Samples

he latest market intel reveals that we're 35% more likely to buy more when we accept free samples. Find out why these interruptions are expensive.

How Calling Your Kid a Genius May Warp His Life

New child psychology research reveals that constant over-the-top praise isn't good for kids. Find out how other kids react when a classmate feels superior.

How 'No-Rescue Parenting' Helps Kids Become Responsible

"No-rescue" is the latest parenting trend, as more and more parents are discovering that bailing kids out every time they forget something does not help.

Surprising Things People Do in an Office Restroom

Don't miss this: Large survey reveals what some people are doing in those office bathroom stalls.

How Seeing a Cell Phone Distracts Us

A top psychologist reveals what the sight of our cell phones does to our ability to concentrate on the business at hand.

Excellent Reasons to Downsize Your Work Wardrobe

Having a "trademark look" for work, can prevent "decision fatigue," which wastes time and money.

Boost Your Mood With Cash in Hand

New research proves holding cash in our hand can make us feel good about ourselves, and even reduce pain! Get the details in this video.

Travel Preferences of Millennials

Unlike their Baby Boomer parents and grandparents, the millennial generation wants smaller hotel rooms and more room to mingle.

Why Camping is a Better Vacation Than a Resort

Whether you're looking to save money, increase family togetherness or enjoy Nature, more people are discovering the joys of camping.

5 Worst Things to Say to Your Husband

A recent poll lists 5 things you should never say to your husband, beginning with "I do everything around here!"

Don't Get In The Car After A Fight

A traffic expert explains what goes on in your brain when you drive off in your car after fighting with a loved one at home. Does driving calm you down? Or are you more aggressive on the road?

Power Through Your Day With 'Drop Naps'

Find out how this kind of very short nap is even better than a "power nap."

An Easy Trick to Boost Your Brainpower

Researchers reveal that learning to do this one simple trick every day can help keep your brain at the top of its game.

Why Bonding With Our Pet 'Kids' is Healthy

Many people refer to their pets as "my kids." The latest research shows that this close bonding is a positive thing for your brain.

Coffee Naps: The 20-Minute Pause That Refreshes

Surprising new study explains why you can fall asleep after drinking coffee, and how long a "coffee nap" lasts.