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Lisa Bevere Time For God

Connecting with God isn't always done on a schedule, says Messenger International cofounder Lisa Bevere. She says living a devoted life, rather than just praying to God out of a duty, is a great way to communicate with God.

Lisa Bevere - Living A Devoted Life Connects Us To God

Connecting with God isn't always done on a schedule, says Messenger International cofounder Lisa Bevere. She says living a devoted life, rather than just praying to God out of a duty, is a great way to communicate with God.

Priscilla Shirer - How To Stop Fear From Controlling You

Have a friend who is struggling through a health crisis? Listen to their concerns and offer a positive outlook for their future, says Olympic Gold Medalist, Scott Hamilton. Hamilton - who is a cancer survivor - says a caring word or two can have a huge impact on a patient's peace of mind.

How to Raise Our Boys to Become Good Men

Raising boys to become their best selves requires a man to help parent them, says Pastor T.D. Jakes - author of Destiny: Step Into Your Purpose.It also requires that parents model good behavior for their boys.

Tips for Dealing With a Crisis of Faith

There are times when our faith can be tested. Pastor and Author Judah Smith shares his experiences and shows us how to keep our faith strong. For more information about the work of Pastor and Author Judah Smith, check out his new book "Life Is_____. God's Illogical Love Will Change Your Existence."



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